Sample Onboarding Workflow

You can use Preact for customer onboarding, creating tasks or sending emails to   customer success managers (CSMs) when new customers perform specific events or their license status changes. Tasks created in Preact will bi-directionally sync with Salesforce, creating a checklist of activities related to each account. Email alerts can remind customer success managers to schedule meetings or training sessions. 
The following workflow creates a list of sequential tasks for the CSM once a new customer logs in.
First create a filter to focus on specific accounts. In this case, accounts whose customer since date is within 13 days. 
Navigate to the workflow editor and click the create button.
Name the workflow and apply the previously created filter.
Select a trigger. Triggers are the mechanisms that start workflows. Preact has 4 triggers smartevent, manual, and time-based triggers.
For this workflow, you can use a event trigger which will start the workflow once a specific event is sent. In this case, 1 login event in 0 hours.
What are the actions in this workflow? Actions are what happens after workflow has started. Actions can be an alert, email or task.
Our onboarding process has 3 sequential steps for the customer success manager, welcome the customer upon first login, schedule training, then update the sales rep that training is complete.
Once the new customer logs in for the first time, create a Preact task assigned to the customer success manager. What is the task? Enter what the CSM has to do for this task and give the task a due date, for example due in 7 days. 
In step 2, create another task, assigned to the customer success manager to schedule training with the new customer. Give this task also a due date of 7 days.
Add a sequential step, this time emailing the CSM to synch with the sales rep, confirming that training is complete. Note how this sequential step starts 7 days after the previous step is complete. This allows the CSM time to schedule and deliver customer training.
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