Editing Event Types

Once events are in Preact, you may want to make event names human readable or designate key events. This article teaches admins how to edit event display names, flag events as key events or hide events.

Note: Users must have Admin permissions in Preact to perform the following functions.

To edit an event, click on the gears icon and select event types.

From your list of Event Types, click on the event type title to open the event. 

On the event edit page, you can edit the display name.

The display name will appear in the user's event activity timeline.

If you'd like to show certain events on the account page, contact your Customer Success Manager. Events on the account page will show the event display name.

On the same event edit page, select "Key Event" to show the event on the product usage page.

To hide an event, go to the event edit page and select hidden event. Once an event is hidden, the event will no longer appear in the user's activity timeline.

Before the event is hidden:

After the event is hidden:

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