Seats by Quadrant

On each account, Preact displays a chart of users based on individual user health score (x-axis) and activity score (y-axis).

The User Health Score is a measure of whether their current usage aligns with what we've seen them do in the past. The User Activity Score compares this user to all other users in Preact and gives them a score based on number of events triggered and number of sessions.

In each account, users are distributed into four quadrants. Click a bubble to view user detail in Preact. 

Quadrant breakdown:

High Activity / Good Health: Users in the upper right quadrant consistently use the application. These are great people to reach out to for references or case studies.

Low Activity / Good Health: In the lower right quadrant are low activity users who consistently return to application. You can view these users as targets for training or best practices to receive the most value from your solution. Their consistent behavior is an opportunity to turn these users into champions.

Low Activity / Poor Health: Low activity users who are also using the application less than they had in the past. These are users at-risk of abandoning your product.

High Activity / Poor Health: High activity users who are using the application less than they had in the past. This is a rare area where mostly "ex-champions" exist. Their usage is less consistent although the absolute number of events/sessions is still high compared to other users.



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