Health vs. Activity (Account)

On the account list page, Preact displays a bubble chart, placing each account in a quadrant based on their Health Score (x-axis) and Activity Score (y-axis).

The Account Health Score is a measure of whether the account's current usage patterns align with past behavior.

The Account Activity Score compares this account to all other accounts in Preact and gives them a score based on number of events triggered, number of sessions and seat utilization.

Depending on their Health and Activity scores, accounts are placed in corresponding quadrants.

In each quadrant Preact displays the total MRR for accounts. Accounts with higher MRR are shown as larger bubbles.

High Activity / Good Health: Accounts in the upper right quadrant consistently return to the application. Users in these accounts not only frequently access the application, but have high activity in each session.

Low Activity / Good Health: These accounts in the lower right quadrant don't have high activity, but they use the application on a regular basis. With further training, these accounts could be product champions.

Low Activity / Poor Health: Low activity accounts who's behavior is further decreasing. These accounts are at risk for not renewing.

High Activity / Poor Health: High activity accounts who's activity is decreasing. Account activity is higher than other accounts, however their current usage patterns are poor compared to their past behavior.



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