Part 1: Event types tag page FAQ

What is the event_types tag URL? 


What is the event types tag URL for a specific account? 

[yourprojectname][insert account id]

Learn more about here

Can I add tags to the product usage section of an account?

Yes. Please let your CSM know which tags you would like added to the product usage section. They will appear like any other event. 

Can I add health scores to a specific tag? 

Yes. We find that customers use this to look at the health of specific products or features. You can work with your CSM to get these turned on for your project. 

How is the health of a tag calculated?

They are calculated just like the user and account health scores. Preact is learning the behavior patterns of an account scoped down to the events that contain that tag. 

How does this effect the overall account health score? 

The tags health scores do not effect the overall health scores. All events, including tags or no tags, will contribute to the overall health. 

What is the max amount of accounts that appear on tags detail page?

There is a section on the tags detailed page that outlines which accounts have used the tag and which accounts have never used the tag. This list maxes out at 20 accounts. If you would like to look up the tag usage of a specific account - check out this article

Can I delete a tag?

You can delete a tag off of an event type. Simply click the x on the tag. However, once a tag is created it cannot be deleted from the event type tags page. 


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