Action Items - Support Tickets

You already know that Preact can send workflow alerts to a chat tool. But did you know that Preact can create proxy support tickets in a supported helpdesk tool?

To create a workflow that creates an unassigned ticket in a support application, click settings > workflows and click the add button to create a new workflow.


For all workflows, provide a workflow name, identify a segment (optional), set a trigger and select an action.

1. Name and Segment

Name your workflow and choose a filter to apply the workflow to a segment of accounts. In the example below, the workflow name is Failed Charge and will only apply to customers that have a license status of 'active.'

2. Trigger

A trigger is what begins a workflow. Click to learn about Time-basedManualSmart, and Event triggers. In our example, we will used the event trigger to start the workflow after the event "!charge:failed" occurs 3 times in 1 hour.

3. Select Alert and Channel 

Next, set the action or what occurs after the trigger initiates the workflow. Find out more about other action items such as tasks and email. To create a support ticket, choose Alert and select your helpdesk solution in the 'send via' dropdown.  Enter text to appear in the body of the support ticket.


4. Save 

Enable and save your workflow.

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