Understanding Tags

Tagging is a way to group sets of events together to provide a higher-level understanding of how your customers are using your product. You may be asking, when would I use these "tags" you speak of...

  • Grouping multiple events that show usage of a specific feature. For example, your "campaign creation" feature may include the events "created:template", "edited:content", "updated:subscribers", "sent:campaign". 
  • Grouping events that come from a specific source. For example, a social media analytics company would want to group Facebook events, Twitter events, Instagram events, etc. 


How do I create tags? 

  1. Go to your events type page 
  2. Click into an event you would like to include in the grouping and add the tag to the section labeled "Tags". 
  3. Repeat step 2 until you've added all the groupings your heart desires. 


Things to note: 

  • A single event could belong to multiple tag groups. 
  • Tagging works best when you add a layer of nesting. For example, the tag "feature/created_campaign" works much better than "created_campaign". 


Tags in Action 

There are two places where you will be able to see tags in the Preact interface. 

  • Tag Health scores on the individual Account level (ask your CSM for this feature) 

  • https://yourcompany.preact.com/event_types/tags 


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