Advanced Filters

Focus on a segment of customers by filtering on custom fields. 

1. Filter on custom fields, such as 

  • Current Software Providers
  • Industry Vertical
  • Company Size

Tip:  Custom fields are specific to your business and can only be sent through an integration with Salesforce or Fields like Current Software Providers are specific to your customers and important to your business. 

2. On the account page, select Create Filter. Choose custom field, then choose the custom field you wish to filter on. For example, to filter on customers who use Salesforce choose custom field, select Current Software Providers and in the text area, type in Salesforce.


Combine standard and custom fields in one filter.  

1. Preact data + custom fields - Use different information to create and save dynamic filters.

For example, create a filter to combine different criteria to show accounts:

  • that have an upcoming renewal in 180 days
  • with an NPS score of at least -100
  • with at least 10 users
  • that use Salesforce


Edit or copy existing custom filters 

1. Run any custom filter and go to Create Filter to add new or remove criteria

2. The existing filter Customer + Trial looks for accounts whose license status are Customer or Trial

3. Add the Prospect status and click Run Filter

4. Save the new custom filter by clicking on Create Filter. Name the filter and Save.

5. The new filter will appear under Custom Filters.

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