Preact Account Health Score

Click on each of the following links below to get an idea of how Preact Scores are calculated and used together. In this article we will discuss the Preact Account Health Score. 

Please note that this a summary and human readable explanation of the scientific calculations performed on your data. Each customer is different and may have variations.  

What scores does Preact calculate?

  1. Account Health Score
  2. Account Activity Score
  3. User Health Score
  4. User Activity Score

How do the Preact Health and Activity Scores differ? 

  • The Preact Health Scores answer the questions, "is this user/account using the product as they normally do?"
  • The Preact Activity scores answer the question, "is this user/accounts using the product as much as they could be?
What is the Preact Account Health Score?
An output of Preact's data science presented in the form of a score. The score is on a scale of 0-100 and reflects the statistical likeliness that an account will not return to your product based on the historical behavior trends of it's users and background signals.
How is the Preact Account Health Score displayed?
The health score is displayed in two colors, green and red.
  • A health score between 50 and 100 is highlighted in green.
  • Accounts with a health score below 50 are displayed in red. 

What types of data are going into the Preact Account Health Score? 

  1. In-app usage (required)
    • Defined as any click a user takes in your product (Learn more here)
  2. Background signals (optional) 
    • Defined as the rate of change of a specific metric (Learn more here)

How is the Preact Account Health score calculated?

  1. A roll up of the User Health Scores in an account
    • Contributes 100% to the calculation if you don't have background signals
    • Contributes roughly 50% to the score if you have background signals
    • In-app usage for an account is reflected through the User Health Score (Learn more here)
    • Power users are weighted more and have greater effect on the health score
  2. Background signals 
    • Roughly calculates 50% of the Account Health Score (this is also customizable and we recommend you work with your CSM to determine the right threshold)

Where can I view this in Preact?

View high level reasons at the top of an account page

Investigate in-app usage behavior in the seat activity section

Examine background signals at the bottom of the account page 

What does a health score of TBD mean?

TBD stands for "To Be Determined." This means we have not collected enough data on how a user or account is using your product to assign a Preact Score. 






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