In-app Usage

What is in-app usage?

Preact defines in-app usage as any click a user takes in your product. 

Examples of in-app usage

  • registering
  • logging in
  • clicking a call to action
  • uploading a document
  • sending of an email
  • inviting a user

Where can I view the events that we are tracking in Preact?

You can view Key Events (defined by you), Popular Events, and All events on the Event Types Page. 

1. Click event types from the settings icon and it will navigate you to the page below. 

When should we add more events to track to Preact?

You should start by adding tracking to all of your key features in the product. The more events tracked the better. With machine learning, the more information to learn off of the better. As you release new features and products to your customers, you should make sure to add Preact tracking to those new features as well.  

Where else can I view in-app usage in the Preact?

1. Product Usage Section of an account page. You can view who has done it this week vs. ever. Hover over the arrow to get a full list of people. 


2. Person Page Activity Timeline




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