Preact NPS Implementation

What is NPS? 

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. NPS encapsulates in a single number the likeliness that your customer would recommend your product or service. On a scale from 0-10, customers are identified as detractors, passive, or promoters depending on their response. Learn more here and here.

Why is NPS helpful? 

Although NPS is not predictive, it is a great piece of qualitative feedback to gather from your customers and a great starting point if you aren't gathering any feedback at all. You can identify advocates of your product, or users who are possibly un-happy. You can use the NPS score along side Preact Scores to prioritize and get a full 360 view of an account. 

How to implement NPS in Preact: 

  1. Receive NPS Token from your Customer Success Manager + dashboard log-in
  2. Make sure you using at least version 4.0 of our JavaScript Library
  3. Use these instructions to quickly add NPS into your product (example below) 
  4. Read this article to learn more about NPS and this article on Preact + NPS
  5. For salesforce users - make sure you have the updated AppExchange Package

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