Creating & Saving a Custom Filter

Do you ever wonder:

  • How many of my accounts are up for renewal in 90 days and have low health?
  • Which trial accounts are most likely to convert based on their health and activity?
  • Which of my enterprise customers with an MRR over $2,000 have an overdue invoice? 
  • Which accounts with low activity haven't used our awesome new feature? 

If you want answers to these questions (and many more), look no further than Preact's custom filters. To create a custom filter:


1) On the "Customer Success" tab, click on the "Accounts" dropdown. 


2) Hover over the "Create Filter" option and set the rules for your filter. 


3) Choose how you would like your results to be sorted and click "Run Filter".


4) Save your filter by returning to it in the "Accounts" dropdown and giving it a name.

You'll also have the chance to share it with the rest of the team. 

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    Paul Fennell

    This is handy, but how about an edit feature? I've created a few custom filters but it'd be nice to be able to make tweaks to them along the way. Am I missing something?

    While we're at it, a copy/duplication function for filters and workflows would make buildout so much faster.

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    Carmina Sicangco

    Thanks for the feedback Paul. To copy any custom filter, run the filter and go to create filters. Click run filter to 'copy' the filter and return to custom filter and name the copied filter. Unfortunately editing a saved filter is currently not available. The best way to 'edit' a filter would be to run a saved filter, change conditions and save the new version.

    You can delete filters you have created by going to the customer filter list and clicking 'x'.

    I'll log the feature requests for click to edit/copy on your behalf. I also recommend posting this in our Feature Request section :

    Carmina @ Preact

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    Paul Fennell

    Thanks Carmina, that's exactly what I needed! This is great.

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