Creating an event for use as a background signal

Note that this is for experienced Preact administrators/developers only.  Please consult with your Customer Success Manager before using this function.

The format is similar to a standard event, with a few differences:

  1. You must add a field on the Event object called "klass" and give it a value of "actionevent".
    Example: "klass": "actionevent",
  2. You do not need to include the Person object but the Account object is still required.

JSON Example:
    "event": {
      "name": "appointment:sent",
      "klass": "accountevent",
      "timestamp": 1414105264.477287,
      "account": {
          "id": "123456",
          "name": "Corner Coffee Shop"

Once the event is being logged, the final step is to set the Background Signal flag on the event.

  1. Log in to Preact, click on the settings cog wheel, and select Event Types (only available for Administrators)
  2. Select the Event Type to set up as a Background signal
  3. Click Advanced Settings
  4. Ensure the Background Signal checkbox is checked


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