1. Why do I receive different search results in Preact than what appears in Wootric when I run a custom filter for NPS event types (eg. nps-survey-completed-detractor) in Preact?
    • This is because we are rendering search results on the account level vs. Wootric's dashboard is displaying individual user results. For example, it is possible to have two individual detractor NPS scores that make up the account level NPS detractor score. In Preact we count his as one result in account level custom filtering. In Wootric this will be counted as two results in NPS detractor responses summary.
  2. Can I set up alerts based on NPS responses?
    • Yes, you can create a workflow that is triggered when an individual as triggered one of the NPS event-types. Through this workflow you can assign tasks, alerts, and emails.
  3. How is NPS calculated?
  4. Is NPS calculated in the Health Score?
    • NPS is very subjective thing, which is why we don't use it in the Health score. But it is handy to get feedback from customers and get a sense of happiness with the product. To learn more, read our our blog post on NPS. To learn how to use it with Preact information, read here


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