Action Items - Alerts (Chat)

What is an Alert?

A Preact action item that sends messages in real-time to other tools you use for customer collaboration, such as an internal chat tools or helpdesk solution.  An alert is activated when a workflow has been kicked off by a trigger. Find out more about other action items such as tasks and email

1. Name, Segment, and Select a Trigger

In this example, we will use a time-based trigger for customers on the Pro Plan with an annual contract, "QBR #1 - Annual Pro Plan". Click to learn about Time-basedManualSmart, and Event Triggers. 


2. Select Alert + Channel

In this example, we will create an alert to send a notification to the chat tool Slack. Click here for more information on our integrations. 


3. Write message

The account that triggered the alert and the message will appear in your integration. We recommend 10 words or less.  

 The designated Slack channel is set under settings > integrations. The notification displays the account name and the alert text.

4. Create another step? (Optional)

You have met the minimum requirements to create a workflow (Name + Filter + Trigger + Action Item). Add another step to your workflow. Click here to learn more. 

5. Add additional action items (Optional)

Enhance your workflow by adding additional action items such as tasksemail notifications, or more alerts. 


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