Workflows - Event Trigger

What is an Event Trigger

A trigger that is activated when a customer performs a specific action in your application. Any event that is being sent to Preact can be an event trigger. Click to find out more about smart, manual, and time based triggers. 

1. Name your workflow

We recommend a descriptive name that includes information about the trigger + the user segment. In this example, we will create an event trigger for a workflow specifically for customers on the Pro Plan with an annual contract, "Deleted Account - Annual Pro Plan." 

2. Select a User Segment

We created a custom filter in order to segment out users on the Pro Plan with an annual contract. We did that with our custom filtering feature. Learn more about that here. 

3. Click "Event" + select from the drop down menu

Choose an event from the drop down menu, for this example we choose the event "Deleted Account." Any event that you log to Preact can trigger a workflow.

4. Specify # of occurrences + time window

Enter the number of times the event must be triggered within a specific time frame before it kicks off a workflow. For this example, the event deleted account must happen one time and will be kicked off immediately when selecting 0 hours. 

5. Add Action Items

Finish this workflow by creating action items such as tasks, email, and alerts. Click here to learn about the different action items 


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