Working with Workflows

What is a Workflow?

It is a powerful way to keep your customer success team tuned-in to what is happening with their accounts and to codify your customer success best practices.



What types of triggers can kick off a Workflow?

Smart: Preact Health or Activity Scores changing by a certain number of points.  
Time: Specified number or days before or after a trial end, license renewal or from when a license status changes.
Event: After a specific events occurs.
Manual: User-initiated workflow



What types of activities can I add to a Workflow?

Task: An action that should be taken when a trigger event occurs. Each task will show up in the Tasks tab within Preact and comes with a due date.
Alerts: Messages within internal chat tools or helpdesk tools.
Email: Similar to Alerts, only they are delivered as an email.

*Note: Every Task, Alert, and Email can be sent to the designated CSM or to a specific person.


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