Introduction to Workflows

What is a workflow? 

Workflows are an immediate, specific, and actionable feature used to help automate your customer success process. They are dynamic and easy to set up. Follow the simple steps below. 

1. Navigate to the workflow authoring page

2. Name workflow + select user segment

Use a descriptive name that includes information about the trigger + the user segment. Create a custom filter in order to segment users. Learn more here

(Steps 2-5)

3. Choose 1 of 4 trigger options

  • Smart - A trigger activated when there is an increase or decrease in the Preact Health Score or Preact Activity Score. Learn more here
  • Time-based - A trigger that is activated when an amount of time is specified before or after a lifecycle event or license status change. Learn more here.
  • Event - A trigger that is activated when a customer performs a specific action in your application. Learn more here.
  • Manual - A trigger that is user-initiated / manually activated by a person. Learn more here

4. Add action items

  • Task - A Preact action item that allows you to assign duties to a specific user within Preact, per account and syncs in real-time with Salesforce. Learn more here.

  • Alert - A Preact action item that sends messages in real-time to your internal chat tools or helpdesk solution. Learn more here.

  • Email - A Preact action item that delivers messages in real-time to any user of Preact. Learn more here.

5. Add another step (Optional)

Set up another sequence of action items to be triggered once the previous step is completed. Learn more here

6. Check out our FAQ to learn more about workflows


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