Integrating with Marketo

1. Connect Marketo with Preact from the integrations page in Preact.

The URL should look like:

You will need your SOAP endpoint, User ID and Encryption Key from Marketo. 


2. In Marketo, go to Admin > Field Management > Create "New Custom Field" 

Marketo will ask you for 3 aspects for each custom field (Type, Name, API Name). All 3 aspects for our 25+ possible custom Marketo fields can be found below. 


3. Click Create for each field. Become a marketing master! 



Data Preact pulls from Marketo [beta]

Pulling data and activity from Marketo is currently in private beta.

Data Preact pushes into Marketo

Preact syncs a large collection of user and account level data and analysis into Marketo to allow creating complex and powerful smart lead lists. The Account fields are also added to the User object to allow referencing account-level properties when building campaigns.

These fields must be manually created in the Marketo interface, but Preact provides a tool to assist in the process.

User Fields

  • Activity Score
  • Event Count
  • Health Score
  • Job Title
  • Last Activity
  • NPS Score
  • User Since

Account Fields

  • Account Active Users Past Month
  • Account Active Users Past Week
  • Account Activity Score
  • Account Activity Score Change
  • Account Customer Since
  • Account Health Score
  • Account Health Score Change
  • Account License Count
  • Account License MRR
  • Account License Renewal
  • Account License Status
  • Account License Type
  • Account Manager Name
  • Account NPS
  • Account NPS Response Count
  • Account Owner Name
  • Account Priority Score
  • Account Trial End
  • Account Trial Start

Please find the detailed Integration Setup Guide here.

Event Count Fields [beta]

Preact also pushes key event counts into Marketo as custom fields at both the User and Account level to enable smart lists filtered by user and account feature adoption (or lack of adoption).

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