Integrating with Zendesk

1. Insert your Zendesk URL into the Support URL field on the Zendesk integration page in Preact. 

It should look like:


2. Enter the email address associated with this Zendesk account.

We recommend you create a Zendesk admin user account specifically for Preact. This will ensure your Preact connection to Zendesk won't be interrupted if the user account leaves or the API token is reset. 


3. Copy and paste your Zendesk API token into Preact, then press "Save and Connect".

You can find your Zendesk API token by going to Settings > Channels > API 

Make sure "Token Access" is enabled before connecting to Preact. 


Data Preact pulls from Zendesk

When the Zendesk Integration is configured, it will automatically create rules in the Zendesk system to notify Preact on all inbound and outbound tickets. Preact may also be used to instrument your Zendesk Help Center (when using SSO) to track self-service behaviors of customers.

Ticket Interactions

  • Ticket Body
  • Ticket Timestamp
  • Submitter information (email address, name)
  • Recipient information (including cc info)

Help Center Logging 

  • Viewed Home
  • Viewed Category
  • Viewed Section
  • Viewed Article
  • Viewed Contributions
  • Viewed Following
  • Viewed My Requests
  • Viewed New Request Form
  • Viewed Search Results
  • Viewed Error Page

Data Preact pushes into Zendesk

Preact can also sync data and analysis into Zendesk to be used for ticket prioritization and rules. This is in private beta for select Preact customers.

User Object 

  • Activity Score (e.g. 78)
  • Health Score (e.g. 82)
  • Last Activity Date
  • Account Name
  • Account Id
  • Salesforce Id
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