Track Zendesk Helpcenter Articles

  1. First Install the Zendesk Beta App - Instructions here
  2. Edit your theme using the Zendesk Helpcenter Theme Editor. Then you'll get a page that looks like the screenshots below
    • Tip: The Theme Editor is in the Help Center, click Customize design (the eye icon) in the tools panel on the lower-right side of the page.
  3. On the "HTML: Document head" template, copy the example from the top of this link:
    • Tip: Just copy the script tags, not the comment lines, so lines 3 through 21 in the code example should be copied into the top of the document head template in Zendesk. It should look like the first screenshot below.
    • Reminder : Don't forget to swap out your real Preact code. (This can be found with the following URL link -
  4. Other pages are simpler, there's just that one-line that you copy in from the example into each template page. No modification is necessary there. So for the Home page template, just copy line 27 from the example and paste it into the template (should look like the second screenshot below).

Document Head example:

Home Page example:


Article Page example:

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